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    🐤 Beasts of Wanderia 🐤

    This topic is here to introduce you to a new game called Beasts of Wanderia. It could be put into the MMORPG type game category. At the end of this topic, you can find a preview section, with some illustrations of the game’s current state.

    The game is in development for now one and half a year.

    Have a look at our website. From there, you can register and download the client for the current version of the game.

    The game is available for both Linux and Windows.

    Technical presentation

    We are using scrum agile method, with our own taiga instance, and our own gitlab service instance.

    CI/CD Pipeline


    Commit pipeline, running on a raspberry pi runner, compiling the code, building the docker image, and deploying on target server

    This project is developed using GoLang language, and pixelgl library.

    We use 3 main external dependencies:

    • MongoDB for permanent storage
    • Redis for caching players data and world state
    • RabbitMQ for messaging (world events and more)

    We also use prometheus to scrape services metrics, and grafana to display them.

    The backend is composed of 4 micro-services:

    • Login: Handle login request and healthcheck through RabbitMQ queues state
    • Database: Link between MongoDB persistent storage and Redis cache
    • World: Process players events, generate events such as monster move, spawn, etc
    • Battle: Manage battles (PvP or PvE)

    The way the backend is split in services makes it easy for us to load-balance in case of a peak in activity.

    The is also a fifth service, that is optionally run, called “ticker” which allows us to aggregate packets when there is too much activity on a single map.

    Everything runs of a raspberry for now.

    More details here if you speak French.


    This game is one about capturing monsters and fighting with them, with friends, in teams, while evolving in a lively world. The game will be set around 1880-1920, at the end of the industrial revolution. This will allow us to develop a story about how humans and nature are competing to expand in a pre-modern era, with the antagonist figure being an industry tycoon trying to assert his dominance and his control over every available means of production, replacing monsters that were previously used to power up machines.

    The game world will be a glimpse of real world inspiration places such as Asia, Europe, or the Middle East, so as to create various areas with lots of different monster types. The first version of the game will focus more on Asian-inspired monuments and nature. This world won’t only be based on realistic things, since we’re planning on finding some more fancy cities and maps, with floating or underwater monuments the player could visit.

    The sections below extend the drafts concepts for the game with lists of keys features from a gameplay perspective. It will explain the 6 most important values the game design will promote. The categories are the following ones:

    For the RPG part:

    • Customization
    • Immersion
    • Progression

    For the MMO part:

    • Competition
    • Cooperation
    • Community


    • Monster: Skill tree, equipment, buffs
    • Housing: Guild cities, player housing to be lent
    • Crafts: Loot monster parts after fights to build things for housing
    • Player: Choose clothes


    • Story: (Look at the pitch)
    • Music: Kiskit music to fall in love with game


    • Monster

      • Level: 9999. Can reincarnate monster (go back to level 1) to re-xp monster but gaining more stats on each level.
      • Capacities: Each monster has a different capacity tree. Once you unlock it on tree, you can boost it with points you obtain fighting. You can also reduce usage cost by using it more in combat and increasing its capacity level. If you want to get to the tree top capacities, you need to reincarnate your monster a few times. The more powerful you want your monster to be, the more reincarnations you’ll need.
      • Statistics (attributed automatically according to your actions in battle - to be discussed)
        • Strength: Offensive moves damage
        • Endurance: Monster tankiness, defensive moves efficiency
        • Dexterity: Moves precision (managed to run move or not, for every move type): One move would have a precision value between 0 and 100, and dexterity would be multiply by a coefficient and added to this value to determine whether a move would succeed. Also increases speed: moves execution order priority increased, cooldown reduction when fighting raid (Nv1)
        • Intelligence: Buffs/heal/debuff moves efficiency
    • Player

      • Skin
      • Inventory size increase
      • Job (player unlocks new jobs capacities via a tree. To evolve in job tree, you have to practice your job
        • Artisan: Build housing objects, sell it to reseller, or use it for himself
        • Chef: Cook buff items (sell to reseller) or cook food for clients (to be discussed)
        • Farmer: Raise animals, grow trees, produces chef raw materials.
        • Alchemist: Brew healing potions (and some low-rank buffs)
        • Blacksmith: Make monster equipment.
        • Mayor: Leader of a guild, when buying a city, will take decision for it.
        • Delivery person: (to be discussed)
        • Monster trainer: (to be discussed, something like day care, with ability to use other trainers monsters?)
        • Reseller: Can buy at prices fixed by himself, and resell at fixed prices.
    • Cities (for guilds)

      • Only the mayor can place (according to city theme): buildings (player house, shop, restaurant, farm, empty terrains), roads, (lamp posts, trees, plants)
      • Only the mayor can decide whether people external to the guild can come in.
    • House

      • Fixed size at buying time, can’t extend it later on
      • Can upgrade furniture (bed, storage)
      • Can buy every piece of furniture, but only use the one related to the player’s job
    • Accessories

      • Monster equipment enchant to get some stats boost (everything doable with in game money and trading)


    • Win competitions (PvP, PvE)
    • Publish personal record (650 damage by X with Y monster)
    • Keep a leaderboard of stronger players of the server (and also a history of ones that stayed on top for long period of time)
    • Story faction battles (according to player choice in story)
    • Guild battles, cities battle.


    • Group of friend to XP together
    • Guild
    • Guild cities


    • Play music with other players
    • Weekly/Monthly events
    • Map creation contests
    • Discord/Forum

    The team


    Name Specificity
    Paprika C/Kotlin/GoLang developer, devops, developing backend, frontend, and managing CI/CD, and other stuff
    Oreades C#/GoLang developer, mainly focusing on frontend development
    Kiskit Java/Spring boot developer, blender specialist, but for this project, our music artist

    As you will see in the previews below, we currently use a Pokemon tilesets as place holder, while looking for graphic designer(s) to help us build the final style of the game. The game uses top-down tilesets, of size 16x16.

    What we are looking for


    • Character is 1.5 tile high, so the buildings should be proportionally sized
    • There are 5 layers, with first one being used for water/ice reflect, and last one above character (look at layer illustration below). This let 3 layers of customization in-between.
    • The perspective is top-down, and should be something similar to this picture:


    Stardew valley assets

    • The overall style should be something pop, with a style similar to this


    Peaceful days assets

    but with more detailed tiles.


    We are currently looking for graphic designer(s), for the creation of these elements (under commercial use license).

    • Tileset artist:
      • Outdoor nature tilesets [Total of tiles: 144, without japanese houses]
        • Ground | 43 tiles
          • Grass (3x3) (9 tiles) grass2.png
          • High grass (1x1) (1 tile) HighGrass.png
          • Zones (3x3) (27 tiles) sand.png
            • Sand
            • Stone path
            • Ploughed dirt
          • 1 x Stairs (2x2) (4 tiles) stairs.png
          • 2 x Sign (1x1) (2 tiles) sign.png
        • Cliff | 27 tiles
          • Rock 1x(3x3) cliff.png
          • Grass 1x(3x3), with seamless transition with the grass ground from above
          • Sand 1x(3x3), with seamless transition with the sand ground from above
        • Forest | 45 tiles
          • 2 x Huge tree (3x4) (24 tiles)
          • 2 x Vertical small tree (1x2) (4 tiles) 1x2.png
          • 2 x Space filler tree (2x3) (12 tiles) 2x3.png
          • 3 x Bush (1x1) (3 tiles) bush.png
          • 2 x Rock (1x1) (2 tiles) rock.png
        • Animated flower (2 kinds, 5 frames) (10 tiles)
        • Animated environment (19 tiles)
          • Ocean water (something opaque), 10 frames
          • Lava, 4 frames
          • Pure clear water, 5 frames, something like little waves at the surface

    An example of what I mean by pure clear water, made by wilsonscarloxy

    • Outdoor buildings
      • Traditional Japanese houses (something like this style, variant are free to imagine)

    something japanese


    As mentionned before, all of the graphic assets you can see here are placeholders while waiting for new assets. Final assets won’t be Pokemon ones.









    Map editor/Editeur de maps








    Underwater effect



    You can contact us on this forum, or by sending mail to

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